Romantic Boudoir Caps (or… Hats !)

Gidday Ladies !

Have you ever heard about Boudoir Caps, those necessary fashion accessories in the Twenties and Thirties?

The boudoir cap was a must-have for women across all social classes. They were worn first thing in the morning when drinking morning tea. They were widely used as they were cheap to buy or make. It was the essential accessories for women in the Twenties and Thirties.

How possible the Boudoir Caps didn’t survive the Thirties? They are, indeed, cheap and easy to buy or to make, they are incredibly romantic and sexy with their laces and ribbons !

How to transform a Boudoir cap in a more modern and comfortable Boudoir hat? It’s very easy indeed. Crochet a large round top decrease a way that you obtain that particular beautiful shape…

Add then the ribbons and appropriate embellishment – and you have just mixed the sexy romantic side of the Boudoir cap, with the warmth and cosyness of a Boudoir hat !

In this style, we have the Fig Hat and vintageMoka hat that you already seen before on this blog:

And here, a few examples of how to play with colors and fibres, to make it either elegant or fancy

Thanks to Tami who played the model: the hat she wears here is is made of 100% Merino wool, a very beautiful thread and fantastic bright colors: