Knitting an Entrelac Hat

G’Day Folks ! 🙂

Here is the tutorial for the Entrelac Hat, with dozens of pictures !

You will need:

– 2 balls of 8 or 10 ply yarn (of the same color, or two contrasting colors, or even better, a “unique color phase yarn” such as the quality “Peru” from Sirdar)

– 4 double-pointed needles 4.5 or 5mm

– 1 crochet 4.5 or 5.00 mm

And a bit of patience 🙂

You can grab the pattern on my craftsy store for only US$2.95

Cheers !

2 comments for “Knitting an Entrelac Hat

  1. Pat
    7 August 2012 at 12 h 54 min

    I have a question about your Intrelac Hat pattern (I purchased it thru Craftsy) I think there may be an error on page 18 & 20.
    both pages state that you purl on both the even and odd rows???? Doesn’t make sense to me. Plus do you knit or purl a row after you pick up stitches to start row 3? Any help would be great.. PatM (Northern NY State, USA) Thank You

  2. Ann
    8 August 2012 at 14 h 49 min

    Hi thank you very much for pointing the problem, I will check it and update today, I keep you updated, Cheers !

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