How to make the Bullion Stitch (Crochet Tutorial)

I started using bullion stitch last year, during a frenzie of ” free form ” – it is very attractive and and it’s less complicated that it appears to be; dare try it ! It is absolutely lovely with colored wools, and/or on borders as here on headband which I made for Sharon in Dunedin.

Here is how to make it:

Wrap yarn around the widest part of the hook 10 times…





Pick up a loop in dBullion step 2esignated stitch, yarn over and pull through all 10 loops on hook. Don’t worry too much if it doesn’t work from the first time, use your fingers to help the loops go.

Bullion stitchGot it ! Then, chain 1. Your Bullion is finished ! You’re ready for the next one. Train some more and you’ll soon be the Bullion stitch specialist !