Stylish scented candles, upcycling jars and candleholders

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a bit of inspiration for upcycling jars and old tatty candle holders. This is a great decorative gift idea.

We’re going to make beautiful decorative candles ๐Ÿ™‚

You will need:
– Color spray of your favourite color
– A clean jar
– A wick,
– Scented oil
– Beeswax
– A candle holder,
– Strong glue, or glue gun

Jar Candle








First, paint the candle holder with your spray, and let it dry.

Jar Candle









Meanwhile, prepare your beeswax. Measure the quantity you’ll need to melt by filling the jar with beeswax. Pour the pellets into a pan and let it melt genty in a bain-marie.
Jar Candle: melting wax








Put a dot of glue on the basis of your wick and fix it at the center of the jar. Then, fix the with on a wood stick as shown below.

Fixing the wick Fixing the wick















As soon as the wax has melted, pour the scented oil. Then, keeping the wick as straight as possible with your wood stick, gently pour the melted wax into the jar.


Let cool down.ย When the wax is well settled,ย Let it cool down gently outsideglue generously the top of the candle order, and paste your candle jar. Tadaa….. (I pasted some plastic balls to the lid of this one, and sprayed the whole, to make a useful addition. You might want to cover your candle when you don’t use it)

Isn’t it a great idea for upcycling jars?