Granny Square Afghans

Working hard on Granny Square Afghans and leftovers

Hello Folks !

Granny Square Afghans are definitely the best way to get rid of leftovers and an endless source of inspiration.

These are the Granny Square Afghans I’ve been working on recently.

This one below is 180x180cm and made 100% with leftovers.

For this one, I made circle-centered squares based on the instructions by the Crochet Crowd; I just made them in different sizes.


Some more Granny Afghans: this is the one I offered to my… Grandma (she loves Blue and she just loves this throw !) It’s all made in DK/8Ply with basic Granny Squares of different sizes

Here, some Baby throws I made from scratch: this is a mix of basic squares + Daisy Granny squares (you can find the instructions for the Daisy Granny squares here)

And last but not least: here is another Granny Square Afghan made with random shapes of Aran leftovers: Daisies and Teddy Bears here and there for even more fun.

Baby Granny Afghan

Thanks for your visit, come back soon for more detailed instructions on Granny Afghans (yes, I have heaps of leftovers…)