Elizabethan Neck Warmer

Knitting an Elizabethan Neck Warmer

Good day Folks,

I was looking to make a girly lacy neck warmer, something different (hopefully !), not a scarf but as comfy, smaller than a shawl, as cosy as a wrap around my neck… I wanted a neck warmer with a vintage look, a old-fashioned style, you name it…

I made this “Elizabethan Neck Warmer” using an adaptation of the beautiful and famous lace stitch “Fans and Feathers”: go here for a great tutorial of the original pattern.

I used 100 gr DK yarn (for this model, I used James C. Brett Woodlander which is variegated) and 4mm needles.

I gladly used my mechanical knitting spool to make the cord. If you don’t have one, no worries: you can use a ribbon or crochet a cord.

It’s warm and soft, I just love it. I have taken some notes in the process and hope to share it with you soon.