Another plaid scarf

Hello Everyone,

laine vateInspiration came with two hanks of wonderful hand-dyed wool coming from Nordische Wolle. The color pattern was awesome in shades of grey and blue, in a very manly style.

As a man’s scarf was slowly taking shape in my imagination, I thought of all the other possible color schemes… because after all, everything we need is:

2 hanks of a variegated yarn (around 250 gr)

3.5 mm (E) needles.

I planned to knit a striped pattern, and wanted to make sure I would always have at least two contrasting colors to form neat stripes. Therefore I made 3 balls with the two hanks, this way I was sure to have three different colored ends to chose from to play with the contrast.

We will work in blocks which we will attach together as we go. The “plaid-ish” pattern changes every other block, and the stripes contrast depends on our imagination or taste 🙂 Let’s say, it’s not a boring pattern, even if simple enough to be accessible to advanced beginners.

Let serious things begin !