Home Made

Unique (almost) spontaneous creation !


Crocheted Poppies bag

Gidday everybody ! Summer in Nelson is inspiring. I hope you will like this purse (cotton + polyamide) embellished with poppies in silk and wool. A vintage button closes it, and I’ve sewn Swarovski crystal beads in order to add some glam 🙂   Related posts: Moka Retro Hat and Gloves Granny Mittens: Winter’s garden Headbands obsession


Blue shell hats

Dear All, Mary, a lady member of Creative Fibers, gave me a hank of beautiful blue wool. Blue is not my cup of tea… usually… but in this case, the colors were so bright that I immediately chose to make a hat with a shell stitch to emphasis on the changes of colors… and to remind…


Moka Retro Hat and Gloves

Gidday ! Vintage inspiration these days with a multicolour hat in pure virgin wool (different shades of brown and yellow), with some cuddly curly wool, embellished with some lace, a knitted green square and beautiful vintage red button. The gloves are warm and confortable, they perfectly fit the shape of the hand. The patterns will be…

mitts black red

Red and black tweed mitts

Made half knitting (for the top) and crochet (for the back and the edges).  I like tweed very much, in this case, red and black together give a very sexy look to an old fashioned knit stitch.   Related posts: Victorian Mitts Triple Knot Crochet Stitch (video tutorial) Bavarian Mitts (Crochet Pattern)