Entrelac Hat Knitting Pattern


This tutorial explains in details how to knit this gorgeous “Entrelac Hat”

Dozens of pictures and clear instructions make it easy for you, to teach you how to cast on easily from a crochet chain (at your head’s dimensions), how to knit “entrelac” in the round, how to make an “I-Chord” and how to knit backwards (so you don’t need to turn your work at the end of each row)

This pattern is not recommended for very beginners – but if you feel like taking the challenge and then feel lost, drop me an email and I’ll help you go through 🙂

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You’ll need:

– 2 balls of variegated wool in 8 or 10ply
– 4 needles 4.5mm or 5.00 mm
– 1 crochet 4.5mm or 5.00 mm

I knit those hats with “Peru” (from Sirdar) for the purple one, and “Mochi +” (from Crystal Palace) for the multicolour one. You can also chose to make it plain color, or to use contrasting colors at each round.