Knitted Kerchief

Vintage knitting and crochet patterns

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share with you, some really vintage knitting and crochet patterns books, gathered online from the Craft-o-sphere,

These are for me a never ending source of inspiration: they have that romantic old-fashioned stuff that I like so much…

Vintage patterns are not always easy to follow, especially the older ones): they were writen for ladies who obviously had a good experience of needlework, and didn’t need to be explained everything into details (as we’re used to read in the modern knitting books). Indeed, some old books show only the writen instructions, with even not an illustration of the finished product. I call this “Surprise project” 😀 (the books I listed below all show illustrations or pictures: this is much more practical…)

The vocabulary used in vintage books is also somewhat different however, with a little concentration and logic, we can find our way through the explanations, and get things done.

More books will be added as we go, browse these ones already ! 😀

1- The Columbia Book of the Use of Yarn (1904)

Here is a plain simple description of this wonder-book:

Columbia Book of yarns





A great collection of knitting and crochet patterns of gloves, sweaters, scarves, shawls + tapestry, embroidery tutorials and more.

Download the PDF here: Columbia knitting 1904


2 – Mrs Beeton’s Book of Needlework  (1870)

Crochet, knitting, tatting, embroidery the good old fashioned way.


The legendary Mrs Isabella Beeton (née Mayson, 1836-1865) was the most famous cookery writer in British history. She married Samuel Beeton, a publisher of books and magazines from London, in 1856. She began to write articles about cooking and household management for her husband’s publications. She also wrote Beeton’s Book of Needlework, which consists of descriptions and instructions on needlework.

Download the PDF here: Beeton’s book of Needlework


3 – Beehive Shawls (ca. 1950)

A bit more recent (1950) this beautiful vintage book features some wonderful traditional shawls (including 3 crocheted ones)


Download the PDF here: Beehive Shawls

4 – The Abergeldie winter book (1867)

Some beautiful old-fashioned inspiration, crochet and knitting. I love the cross-over, and will probably make it one of these days !


Download the PDF here: The Abergeldie winter book