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Victorian Mitts

Dear All, I was thinking about something romantic, very ladylike, with a Victorian touch and finally, this mitts came up, with a lovely twisted trim, knitted lace and Bobbles. I used 3.00mm needles. Pattern available only in French on Cratfsy  Your comments are welcome ! Cheers, Anne 🙂     emailFacebookPinterestTumblrVKLinkedinStumbleUponTwitter Related posts: Pop Corns…

Some more crocheted striped Boudoir Hats

Hello there ! Call me compulsive… Here are some more colorful Boudoir hats made of beautiful yarns. A bit of merino, some mohair there, they are really cosy and the lace makes them so sexy…   emailFacebookPinterestTumblrVKLinkedinStumbleUponTwitter Related posts: Romantic Boudoir Caps (or… Hats !) Granny Flowery Triangle Hat Crocheted Striped Alpaca toque

Moka Retro Hat and Gloves

Gidday ! Vintage inspiration these days with a multicolour hat in pure virgin wool (different shades of brown and yellow), with some cuddly curly wool, embellished with some lace, a knitted green square and beautiful vintage red button. The gloves are warm and confortable, they perfectly fit the shape of the hand. The patterns will be…