Here comes the lamp

Good day everyone, When Frau Maier, my neighboor, gave me…

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What about a birdcage lamp for the balcony?

Good day everyone, These treasures can be found at the…

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Back to serious things and new Granny Afghans

Dear All, It’s been a while I posted here. Time…

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Knitted Kerchief

Vintage knitting and crochet patterns

Hello Everyone, I wanted to share with you, some really…

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Modular Scarf (Photo-Tutorial)

Hello Everyone, I have some beautiful balls of pure wool…

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Crochet Christmas Afghan

Upcycling that boring blanked into a gorgeous Christmas Afghan (Part II)

So now, we’ve made 16 lovely Christmas motifs and our…

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Christmas crochet appliqué

Upcycling that boring blanked into a gorgeous Christmas Afghan (Part I)

It’s time to kill that old boring wollen blanked which…

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Recycling Lamp

Upcycling/Recycling Lamp (some Surgery on an Old Dirty Lamp)

Good Day Everyone ! If like me you love to…

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Falling Leaves shawl knitting pattern

Falling Leaves Shawl (Knitting Pattern)

Hello Folks ! I made this shawl knitting pattern using…

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Elizabethan Neck Warmer

Knitting an Elizabethan Neck Warmer

Good day Folks, I was looking to make a girly…

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Bavarian Mitts crochet pattern

Bavarian Mitts (Crochet Pattern)

Dear All, I just discovered an amazing crochet technique: the…

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Scallops Crochet Stole

Sweet Scallops Crochet Stole

Hello folks, Once upon a time, there were 8 balls of…

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Scarborough Fair (some Pics and a Song)

Tramping in Scarborough… and sharing pics and a song with…

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Whitby (some Pics and a bit of Culture)

Whitby is best known for its Jet jewelry, wonderful fish,…

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Granny Square Afghans

Working hard on Granny Square Afghans and leftovers

Hello Folks ! Granny Square Afghans are definitely the best way…

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Ucycling: When a piece of Denim makes A Doiley (Crochet Tutorial)

Hi Everybody, We all have a pair of Jeans that…

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Upcycling bottles: Oil Lamps for a Garden Table

  Hi Everybody, Would you fancy some new deco ideas…

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Stylish scented candles, upcycling jars and candleholders

Hi Everyone, Here’s a bit of inspiration for upcycling jars…

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Entrelac Knitting Pattern

Entrelac Cape (Knitting Pattern)

Dear All I hope you’ll enjoy this Entrelac knitting pattern.…

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How to make the Bullion Stitch (Crochet Tutorial)

I started using bullion stitch last year, during a frenzie…

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Plaid Checkered Hat (Knitting Pattern)

Hello everyone ! If you liked the Plaid Checkered Scarf,…

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