Here comes the lamp

Good day everyone,

When Frau Maier, my neighboor, gave me this old lamp because “she had the feeling it was for me”, I immediately saw how to transform it.

The brass stand was damaged, so there was no other choice than coating (with black mat paint).

I suspect the lamp shade was made of a pig bladder parchment. Both the lampshade and braid were discoloured in places, there was no way to clean or refurbish it, other than painting but I had another idea.

I had some extra birds left from my previous creation, got some artificial plants over it so .. tadam… What do you think?

I wish I had better picture but, Frau Maier got her lamp back immediately after the transformation, she was very happy and put it at her window (which makes me very proud)

maier1 maier2 maier3 maier4