Feeling like a Sleeping Beauty

Gidday !

Until now, the only spinning wheels which I had been able to see, were the ones exposed in the museums, and I was quite sure that, since the times of the Sleeping Beauty, no one used this kind of machines anymore.

And then, in this magnificent country, it is not rare to see ladies spining their own fleece, then dye it, weigh it, and sell it! Spinning is a long patient work, I wouldn’t dare put myself in it, but I am happy to have at my disposal, in various shops around, magnificent yarns of virgin wool, just pure of any industrial process. Every hank is already unique, and we can only end up  by making unique creations out of them.

You can thus take your spinning wheel to the meeting of the Nelson Creative Fibre Guild, and spin while chatting around a cup of tea, on Tuesday mornings at Founders Park.

Spinning wool











Handspun wools are true and authentic, so more pleasant to knit that “industrial” wools.

Spinning wool










They are sometimes so yum that you would just eat them !

Here, magnificient shades or authentic Pink:

Hand dyed











Shades of Orange:

hand dyed











Sweet and Sour Green:

hand dyed











And I got that fantastic ball of Perendale wool that I’m probably going to eat very soon !

Perendale yarn







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