Backwards stitching

Backwards Stitching (Knitting Tutorial)

If you’re an entrelac lover, you might enjoy this simple backwards stitching tutorial to make you save time. We work entrelacs with rows, and tiers with triangles, left-leaning and right-leaning rectangles. You will have to turn your work at the end of each row (except the last one) within the tiers. Like me, you may…

Dog Rose Stitch

Knitting Dog Rose Stitch

Are you looking for a lacy easy light stitch for your next scarf or cardigan? Try the Dog Rose Stitch ! The look can be very different, whether you knit it with thin or thicker wool, mohair or cotton… – Multiple of 6 + 2 for edge stitches Row 1: (Edge stitch) *yo, sl1, k2…