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Scallops Crochet Stole

Sweet Scallops Crochet Stole

Hello folks, Once upon a time, there were 8 balls of Legacy by James C. Brett in “Heater”  and I was looking for inspiration online (in other words: looking for vintage crochet stitches) when I stumbled on this… … lacy scallops crochet scarf by LionBrand… All I did was to add two more scallops to the pattern, in order to make it…


How to make the Bullion Stitch (Crochet Tutorial)

I started using bullion stitch last year, during a frenzie of ” free form ” – it is very attractive and and it’s less complicated that it appears to be; dare try it ! It is absolutely lovely with colored wools, and/or on borders as here on headband which I made for Sharon in Dunedin. Here is how to make it: Wrap yarn…

Granny Shrug

Crocheted Granny Shrug

Hi everybody ! I had a batch of chunky wool in my stash, that I used to crochet the Granny Shrug (original pattern available here) with a 5.50mm hook. I chose to make a few rounds in Front post and Back post double crochet for the trims, and added 5 buttons to make it look like a…


Crocheted Poppies bag

Gidday everybody ! Summer in Nelson is inspiring. I hope you will like this purse (cotton + polyamide) embellished with poppies in silk and wool. A vintage button closes it, and I’ve sewn Swarovski crystal beads in order to add some glam 🙂   emailFacebookPinterestTumblrVKLinkedinStumbleUponTwitter Related posts: Moka Retro Hat and Gloves Granny Mittens: Winter’s garden Headbands obsession