Small Star Stitch


The “Small star” stitch is very easy to do, it looks perfect on trims. Here is how to make it, with every step in picture.

– Chain a multiple of 2 + 3

small start stitch Row 1: Starting from 3rd ch from hook, pick up a loop in next 3 chs.
small star stitch 2  Yarn over, draw through all loops on hook
 small star stitch 3  Chain 1
small star stitch 4  *Pick up a loop in same ch, and in the next two chs. Yarn over, draw through all loops, ch 1. * Repeat from * to * till the end of your row, end with 1 sc in last chain.
small star stitch 5 Row 2: Ch 2. *Pick up a loop in the ch1 space, in next stitch, and in next ch1 space.

Yarn over, draw yarn through all loops. Ch 1.*

Repeat from * to * till the end of your row, end up with 1 sc in the last ch turn.

Repeat Row 2 till you reach the desired lenght.


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