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I just discovered a fantastic place in Nelson, in Alton Street, just in front of Central School, a lovely restaurant called “KA Pies”. That place has such a feeling of grandma’s kitchen, cosy, comfortable, neat and tidy, you just immediately feel (like a child) at (your grandma’s) home.

The pies that they make are just addictive, they are either crispy and melting, the meat inside is real tasty steak, and the tea is served in lovely old fashion cups of tea. There are beautiful crafts hanging on the walls, granny squares afghans here and there, and funny paintings on the walls. An irresistible taste of kitsch.

“Ka Pai” is Maori for “good”. “Kitsch” according to is “something of tawdry design, appearance, or content created to appeal to popular or undiscriminating taste.” In New Zealand, the term often goes with something quintessentially Kiwi, but a little old fashioned and potentially embarrassing; when they are not embarrassing and go into museums or are photographed for calendars and coffee table books, they are called “Kiwiana”. (source:















Being a crocheter herself, the owner of the shop is very much into crafts. She organizes once a month an Art, Craft and Vintage market in her restaurant and on her pathway. That market happened today, we’ve been wandering there and the only regret I have is that the sun wasn’t there to enlight better all the beautiful creations that I’ve seen there.

First, a very nice local designer, Deborah Sax, who handcrafts lovely children clothing. Simply cute and lovely. Her business name is “Piccalilli” and her website  will probably be very inspiring to any lady who enjoy sewing.

Picallili Kids clothing

Picallili Kids clothing


Picalilli's rack

There was a lady who was crocheting icecreams and funny cakes. “The Unconventional Cake Company” is the name of her business. I use to say wool looks yummi, now, it has never been more true 🙂

Robyn Wilksand ...and her



and her yummi crocheted ice creams

 There was also Alana Lindsay, a young lady whose business name is “Retro Lust”. She makes retro and vintage styled clothing, all what I like ! Another business name to remind is “Tis you, s’not me”, it’s all about upcycling, Beautiful re-creations made by Rachael in Nelson” and here too, things are beautiful.

Alana Lindsay at Retro LustTisyou Snotme


There were even more beautiful things to see, unfortunately I don’t have the names of every exhibitors. Here are just some more pictures of what you could find there.

Lynda Palmano's rack (dressmaking)On the street, paintings and other arts


On the street, paintings and other arts


Granny Square blanket

The next market of that kind at KA-PIE will take place Nov 5th, and there will be Kiwi Little Things for sale there !
Cheers !

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