Rosie Roulette has got talent

 New Zealand’s Got Talent – 21 Oct 2012 – Vote for Rosie Roulette !!

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to introduce you Rosie Roulette, a young singer from Christchurch. A fantastic voice but not only: she writes her music, plays instruments and is a very good actor. So much talents and such a personality !

I first met her in April last year, she was chanting in the streets of Nelson, just irresistible. I immediately became an inconditional fan.

I suscribed her Facebook page and follow her steps carefully because I’m very sure she will become a superstar.

Since April last year, there’s been the release of this videoclip, from the song or Rosie: Romeo. Don’t miss it, it’s a great song and a great voice. Because I’m a pure genuine fan, I wanted to offer her a necklace who reflected her own fantasy. I’m very proud she features it in this videoclip (see pictures below).

Rosie also passed an audition for “New Zealand got’s talent”

Keep an eye on Rosie, she’s just GREAT !!! She’ll certainly go far with her fantastic style and talents.

The chocker “Rosie Roulette” that she inspired me was made”Rosie Roulette”  a copper round grid, vintage nacre and plastic buttons, swarovski crystals, gemstones and a ballerina pewter

Rosie Roulette official web site:Rosie Roulette