Recycling Lamp

Upcycling/Recycling Lamp (some Surgery on an Old Dirty Lamp)

Good Day Everyone !

If like me you love to tramp garage sales, you’ll find heaps of old dusty lamps of all kinds. I got this one for GB£1.00 (including the bulb !) and started looking for relooking ideas over the web.

Indeed, this was my first time recycling lamp.

I started by getting rid of the ugly fabrics which was covering the frame, I used White Spirit to clean all the glue and sticky dirt off, I spray-painted it in black.

After looking for inspiration on the Web, I found that lovely tutorial, for a gipsy-like lampshade (click on the image to actually see the tutorial)




Easy Peasy ! It took 2 hours to finish the job, with 2.5mm strips fabrics.

Here is my own version: I used a batch of assorted printed cotton fabrics.

Recycling lamp can be even cheaper if you use your fabrics leftovers (or, an old shirt, whatever…)