Upcycling bottles: Oil Lamps for a Garden Table



Would you fancy some new deco ideas for your summer night tables?

Here is an easy way for upcycling bottles.

These lamp oils made from scratch are also a great gift idea.

For the left one, I used a tin can that I painted in red.

Then, I patched a piece of the patterned layer of a tissue and fixed it all with Mod Podge.

I attached a ribbon around the top.

Inside is a beer glass bottle. A long wick goes down the bottle. When time comes, I’ll fill the bottle with half water, half olive oil, and light the candle.

The right one is much more simple. It’s a very old bottle that I found on a boot fair, it doesn’t serve any more work to have character. I just┬ápoured the oil and the water…

I have prepared more tin cans to support lamp oil glass bottles. I hope you like it, come back later or keep an eye on my Facebook page for more pictures and inspiration.

Upcycling bottles